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We take natural gas and make it portable. We retro-fit to your needs and deliver solutions.

Stay Safe Jewelers

Sometimes, jewelers make the mistake of using unpurified gas. This can cause extra fumage, and quality loss on jewels.

RV's, Campers, & Tour Buses

Use premium gas from SafGas for your mobile units. Nothing can compare.

Outdoor Heat

Outdoor heating is important during certain times of the year. Make sure your burning clean gas.

Quality Service

SafGas can design anything to your needs including specialty items and custom solutions.

Happy Clients

When it comes to customization, special needs, or a situation that no one can deal with, SafGas will step in and save the day!


The reason our gas is so safe is because it is lighter than air! It will literally dissipate in the air if there is a leak.

Quality service in the industry.

The reason we continue to stay in business and have repeat business is owed to our quality of service. Ask an agent today how we can help you!


Years of service

Percent Satisfaction!

Core Features

Quick Service

Schedule gas deliveries during business hours to have your gas delivered at anytime you want 24/7


We renew your gas for you with no hassle. We come right to you and take care of everything so you have one less thing to worry about.


Save Money

Converting over to natural gas is the safest choice you can make, and will save you money in the long run.

Natural Gas Solutions / SafGas Systems Inc.

Natural Gas Solutions offers: The ease and convenience of a fully self-contained portable heater. 3 internally mounted 80 cu ft. CNG compressed natural gas will provide enough fuel for 8-10 hours of continuous comfort from the elements. These heaters were originally developed to provide radiant heat at the J. Paul Getty Museum and are also being utilized at Disneyland. With the safety that natural gas can provide. Unlike propane, natural gas is lighter than air and dissipates.

Natural Gas Solutions utilizes only the finest Sunglow™ Heaters.

Sunglow Technology: The challenge of designing an outdoor heater was to create an appliance that not only produce a comfortable amount of heat, but would also withstand the rigors of the outdoor environment.

Natural Gas Solutions: Combined the safety of natural gas with the finest heater on the market to create the ultimate in patio heater safety. Each heater will cover on average a 15 ft. diameter area raising peoples comfort level 5-10. Exposure to wind conditions will reduce the coverage accordingly. For semi-exposed areas we recommend 12 ft. spacing between heaters. The safety system may automatically shut down the heater when exposed to direct winds over 10 mph.



Total Height: 84″

Cap width: 34.5″

Base Foot Print: 20″

Clearance Top: 18″

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